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Wine fit for fairies: elderflower & gooseberry (part one)

Fall asleep under an Elder tree in full bloom on Midsummer’s eve and you will encounter fairies & be protected from any evil spirits. The Elder symbolises protection & in Anglo Saxon times it was also believed that if you removed an elder tree from its position a witch would take its place.

Elderflower bush far left along the stream

Similarly, in ancient myth, fairies are also believed to shelter from harm in the prickly bushes of gooseberries.

So elderflower and gooseberry fruit are a good match and perfect for our home made wine.

The flowers are appearing in abundance now so it is time to collect enough to make a few gallons.

Close up of elderflower

With a fork the tiny creamy white flowers are stripped from the green stalks.

Having a vacuum pack sealer is perfect and they take little room in the freezer where they hibernate until the gooseberries are fully ready in July.

Vacuum packed elderflower

We have a lot of bullfinches who enjoy our gooseberry bushes in Ireland so once the buds show in Early May it needs to be covered.

Gooseberry buds
Irish gooseberry bush full of buds

Details to follow on the gooseberry crop & how to process the wine & a tasting of last year’s to follow in the July post.