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Beeswax candles & cats

I have had great fun recently melting down the wax gathered from local hives (including our own) to produce a product that is a mix of two loves of mine – bees and cats.

Natural beeswax macy cat candles

My cat Macy is intrigued by our honey but doesn’t really appreciate the honey bees in her garden.

A jar of raw honey

Having had to sprint (and for a lap cat that is hard…) into the house to escape a low flying guard bee hovering above her tail with its sting poised she is not impressed. She eventually escaped – hiding under the settee – but now creeps past the hives to the back door leading to the alley where she meets her friends and relates the tale of her near escape.

She is very happy to do some promotional work for me though..

Natural beeswax rolled candles

She and others understand the benefits of burning beeswax candles – they produce negative ions which help neutralise air pollutants such as dust helping with easing allergy and asthma symptoms.

They are beautiful and natural and are a reminder of the beauty of nature around us.

Natural beeswax cone candle

My gift wrapped macy cat candles and other designs will be making their way across the world to various Beeswax lovers this Christmas.

Get in touch if you would like more info!